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2016 National Academy of Sciences Award Winner

Before starting Eco Location Sound, Bill was Supervising Audio Engineer for the Library of Natural Sound at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and an audio producer for the Lab's Multi-media group. Prior to joining the Lab of Ornithology, Bill was an NPR sound engineer and technical director for NPR programs including: Morning EditionWeekend Saturday and SundayPerformance Today and NPR's Radio Expeditions. Radio Expeditions is where he began his long time collaboration with NPR science correspondent Christopher Joyce, a creative relationship that continues today.

Bill led NPR's early surround-sound recording effort and was its first technical director. He was also the mastering engineer for NPR Classics CD's.

In addition to his work with Christopher Joyce, Bill has collaborated with NPR Senior Interactive Designer Wes Lindamood to create a series of 'made for headphone listening' soundscapes available on NPR's Sound Cloud.  This collaboration also includes the award winning Drowned Out and the 360º interactive Stand At The Edge Of Geographic TimeHis other 360º interactive work includes Calling Thunder: The Unsung History of Manhattan with David Al-Ibrahim

Most recently, Bill was a consultant for NPR's first 360° news story:

"The Last Two Percent: Waiting For Power in Puerto Rico"